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Tom Heinmiller

Tom Heinmiller

Business Development Consultant

Tom spent most of his professional career in new business development, starting as a marketing representative with IBM and GE. His responsibilities there included determining client needs. Tom brings that expertise to bear as a Business Development Director for Trend-Calc Dynamics and CapitaLogic Wealth Management where the focus is on providing end-to-end financial planning services to clients hoping to retire and stay retired. Our mission is to work with you to find the best portfolio solutions to meet your needs, no matter what the economy or markets may be doing.

Tom’s full career includes over thirty years as a client-centric business consultant. He has also served for many years in community service, including organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Impact as a job coach, and the Salvation Army as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. He is most recently involved with coaching a network of individuals serving the homeless.

Note from Tom:

“I believe a strong financial foundation can lessen many of the stresses of life in the workplace and at home. I have observed too many times the devastation poor financial and investment planning can bring on a family, where poor planning for college, the possibility for a major illness, or not enough saved for retirement forces a complete change in lifestyle. Help is available to avoid these mistakes – my job is to get the word out on just where to find it.”