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TrendCalc Dynamics

Managing Director/Chief Portfolio Strategist

(614) 300-7390

To be successful and achieve extraordinary results, one must:

  1. follow the evidence, 
  2. keep emotions and biases in check, and 
  3. have a predefined and disciplined rules-based decision-making process. 


This is how all the great investors of yesterday and today have succeeded beyond where the general masses of investors tend to fail and settle for unexceptional average and below average results.  

With years of qualified experience, TrendCalc Dynamics Investing and CapitaLogic Wealth Management has a skillful understanding about successful investment strategy and how to create, grow and protect wealth for investors.  This has given us the confidence to follow the evidence, where it might take us, and see the gaps in the understanding of the masses and of our own.  This allows TrendCalc to see the investment markets for the reality in how they truly act and perform relative to themselves and to history. TrendCalc often sees things that most investors and advisors miss or just cannot.  We believe this is what has allowed TrendCalc to be one of today’s top portfolio strategists and wealth management advisors.   

Our goal for our portfolios and every client’s wealth is NOT to be satisfied with the mediocre results of the average-averaging recommendations of typical financial advisers.  

TrendCalc strives for extraordinary excellence and life changing results so clients can experience a more confident and comfortable journey, financially or otherwise, throughout their working careers and across a long and healthy retirement.