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CapitaLogic Wealth Management

Wealth management is the process of combining financial planning and asset management in an all-encompassing approach.  

We can help you get to the future you want.

Whether your personal finances and plans are complex or basic, CapitaLogic Wealth Management, TrendCalc’s high-level professional financial planning service, can provide you with total wealth management tailored to your specific needs, desires and resources.

For clients who want more than just professional portfolio management and superior investment results, our total wealth management service provides a sophisticated, yet simple to understand, holistic approach to all aspects of their personal financial and retirement plan.

This includes creating a CapitaLogic Financial Plan that is developed through our wealth planning process. We assess your needs and desires and compare them to your financial resources to see what shortfalls may exist.  We then show you how you can improve your prospects for success by implementing recommendations that make sense for you and your family.   

Depending on the individual wealth planning needs of each client, our wealth management recommendations may include additional services in areas such as life, disability, and healthcare insurance or referrals to other financial professionals such as estate planning attorneys and CPAs.

It has been our experience that CapitaLogic clients who go through this process become better investors equipped to make more-educated decisions about their current investments and financial futures.

Why is a holistic financial planning and wealth management approach important, especially when facing retirement? 

As you make decisions in one area of your finances, to some degree, it tends to effect other areas.  Employing a comprehensive approach is increasingly important as your investments and finances become more “grown-up” and complicated. This is especially true in preparing for and entering retirement. Decisions about priorities as to how and where to take income can make the difference between success and failure in maintaining a successful and independent retirement. Our goal is for all CapitaLogic clients to enter and maintain retirement with freedom and independence with an added feeling of comfort and confidence that helps alleviate much of the worries about the future, financial or otherwise. If you wear a blue vest as a greeter in your retirement years, it should be because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to.