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TrendCalc Dynamics investment strategies and portfolios are defined by four interlinked pragmatic dynamics. 

Individually, each dynamic represents a successful component to profitable portfolios and investment methodology. Combined into various single-purpose standalone portfolios, they are best-in-class approaches that allow us to successfully deploy capital and human resources in diverse market conditions across a variety of economic environments and investment markets.

Flexibility in the Great Debate

We are not so entrenched in our own egos that we have to prove that our positions and opinions are the only correct ones in the passive-active strategy debate. For TrendCalc Dynamics, it is more productive having directional flexibility in leading portfolios and client wealth to the investment promised land. There is promise (and profits) in the passive side of the great debate.  There is promise (and profits) in the active or, as we like to say, dynamic side of the great debate.  

Because we focus on efficient, profitable operational outcomes and are not exclusively cemented in one side of the debate or specific markets, our investment team has the freedom to seize the right opportunities.  Investments are made on the basis of their own merit and whether they complement the overall strategy or portfolio.

Innovative Multidimensional Strategies 

We do not believe in letting the behavior of capital markets and that of other investors control portfolio values and performance. 

True market professional money management requires portfolio adjustments to be made relative to individual investors’ financial needs and plans, but also based on the actual activity and behavior of the capital markets.  It seems that much of today’s advice addresses only part of this two-dimensional question.

TrendCalc attempts to minimize these impacts (and better control portfolio volatility) by using multidimensional, multidirectional strategies within singular portfolios, with allocation adjustments being made according to defined buy-hold-sell rules.

Dynamic Risk Management

We respect the trust our clients have placed in TrendCalc and understand the importance of preserving their hard-earned money while producing great returns.  We are dedicated to defending clients’ portfolios, total wealth and financial independence. Our multi-segment active risk management addresses this mandate. Our business model is rooted in dynamic due diligence and stringent compliance that efficiently balances risk and reward solutions. Investments are constantly monitored on both a micro- and macro-levels.

Disciplined Rules-Based Decision-Making

TrendCalc is a steadfast disciplined rules-based investor.  We have been successful active money managers yet remain agnostic when it comes to the passive/active investment strategy debate.  We are confident believers that having a systematic buy-hold-sell decision-making process tends to eliminate much of the emotional influence that damages even the best of intentions and efforts.   

Dynamics Principles for Achieving Above Average Investment Success

  1. Good investment ideas never last forever.
  2. All investment markets and economies are cyclical in nature.
  3. Various investment strategies (active versus passive, growth versus value, etc.) will over- and under-perform at various times dependent on the economic environment, market conditions and general attitude and behavior of the collective investor crowd.  
  4. Hold more of the things that will do better and less of the things that will do worse
  5. Make periodic cyclical adjustments to portfolio mix, minimizing or outright avoiding investments that are drags on portfolio value and performance.
  6. All portfolios should utilize a multi-dimensional approach employing a combination of various investment strategies and risk management methods.

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