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Kristen May

Kristen May

Client Concierge

Kristen is the Office Manager and Marketing Specialist for TrendCalc Dynamics. Her primary roles at TrendCalc are:

  • Executive Advisor Administrator to Phil Hammond
  • Maintain regular communications with clients
  • Serve as a first point of contact and support to clients
  • Social media communications and activities

Kristen brings considerable experience dealing with the public on a daily basis from her years of experience as an elementary teacher. She has served in leadership roles for several non-profits in her community, including Founder/Spokesperson for a new start-up non-profit. Kristen’s formal education includes a Master’s degree and two Bachelors’ Degrees in Education and Marketing. Her interests include visiting with family and friends, hiking, ballroom dancing, reading, and exploring art and cultural museums.

Note from Kristen: “Life is truly an adventure and a journey, full of ups and downs. We all face personal and professional challenges throughout our life that hopefully we overcome and learn better ways to move forward. Managing personal finances, planning your path to financial independence and retirement can have all kinds of twists, turns, and detours as you navigate through life. With the guidance of an experienced, trusted, and dedicated advisor, as well as personal commitment of the client, challenges can be faced head-on with the goal of financial success. I was introduced to TrendCalc and felt inspired by their approach to financial security, freedom, and retirement. I am honored to be part of the TrendCalc team and their experience in helping people navigate their paths into financial independence and a stress-free life. Give me a call, I’d love to share my personal and professional experience.”