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Carl Tucker

Carl Tucker

Operations Manager

Carl is the Operations Manager at TrendCalc Dynamics.  His primary roles at TrendCalc are as follows:

  • Provide administrative and IT technical support to everyday operations
  • Coordinate TrendCalc business partner relationships 
  • Assist clients with a wide range of information and services regarding their accounts, such as direct deposits & withdrawals, online account access, mobile app assistance, and meet with clients online or in person for various operational and paperwork needs.


Carl’s extraordinary organizational, computer, and problem-solving skills were developed over years of experience working with Mexico State University, the State of Ohio, and in the private sector.

Carl and his wife of 20 years, Janice, were both raised in Ohio and are lifetime Buckeye fans. Carl and Janice are both devoted to their faith and believe in leading by example in being charitable to others with their time and resources. Carl has volunteered his time and resources on local faith outreach and international missions.  

Note from Carl: “Like many, I have seen people struggle with personal finance, investing and preparing for retirement. This included friends, coworkers at prior employers, and members of my own family. At one time, I had my own personal financial frustrations. Twenty-some years ago, my interest and motivation as an investor grew when I started to improve my personal knowledge and education on financial and investment matters. I took a few investment classes at Ohio State on how to achieve financial independence and retirement plan investing. I read a few books and eventually found a financial advisor that my wife and I have worked with ever since. One of the biggest impacts has been having that financial plan and investment strategy that governs how we save, invest and managed risk. Over the years, Janice and I have learned of the positive impact working with a true market professional who is devoted to his clients, friends, family, and faith. When I was presented with the opportunity to join TrendCalc in an IT and back office support role and help TrendCalc help others with financial and investment plans and retirement, it was an easy decision. Give me a call, I am happy to share with you my experience as an investor and member of the TrendCalc Dynamics team.”