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<b>Experienced Winning Advice</b>

Experienced Winning Advice

TrendCalc Dynamics is operated by Phil Hammond, CFP® one of today’s most experienced investment professionals.                                

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<strong>Defined, Empathetic Value</strong>

Defined, Empathetic Value

Combining and delivering experienced financial independence and retirement planning advice with market professional investment management.

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The TrendCalc Mission

The TrendCalc Mission

Provide our investors with quality ongoing strategic financial and investment advice - tailored to meet your personal objectives and aspiring lifestyle.

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<strong>Our Approach</strong>

Our Approach

Without an appropriate merging of the “why”s (financial planning) with the “how”s (investment management), people with their busy lives tend to waste time and money making less than ideal decisions.  Then they are seemingly over-dependent on luck as their investments and retirement plans tend to just “drift” through time.  

The TrendCalc’s connection of financial planning and investment management establishes an increase level of comfort and confidence to clients about their futures, financial or otherwise.

Our clients entrust us to provide dynamic actionable planning and investment advice so their money can work in a highly-efficient, productive manner. 

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Why use a Financial Adviser?

Financial planning is serious business.

It has a fundamental impact on you, your family and your business or career.

For investors, today’s financial environment is cluttered and cut-throat. The economy is increasingly dynamic. You have to choose from tens of thousands of global investments. But most investors don’t have the time or the motivation to become a financial analyst.

The right adviser will act in your best interests in an environment of continual change. TrendCalc advisors are intimately familiar with the products, plans and processes that can help you achieve your goals.

With so much at stake, there’s no better feeling than finding an experienced adviser you can trust.

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